Winning at the top of the sales funnel / Getting Enough Appointments to Drive Sales

B2b Lead Generation and Appointment Setting means winning at the top of the sales funnel.

Winning at the top of the sales funnel means coordinating people, systems and content to get your story into the minds of your prospect audience so they are persuaded to have a conversation with you (an appointment.)


Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it?  You have a bunch prospects out there that have never of heard of you and you are going to change that by getting people to call them. You have to make sure those people have a system to work from and something say, perhaps something to send them.


So there you have it, people, systems and content.That’s the framework for winning the B2B lead generation and appointment setting game.


Lets break it down a bit more:

People –

  • Someone to plan the process & the work, create and write all of the content.
  • A person or persons to set up the systems and software…we’re partial to and their Appexchange partners.
  • The frontline staff – i.e. those that make the calls and those that manage the day to day process.


Systems –

  • Like I said we’re partial to or least we’re experts at setting up and using this product. If you’re not ready to invest in, try Zoho or SugarCRM. These products are not as powerful as
  • We also use a Lead Nurturing product called Lead Follow-Up, and AppExchange product. Lead Follow Up is not as powerful as many other Lead Nurturing solutions like Eloqua and Marketo, it is low cost though.


Content –

  • Call scripts
  • Email content
  • Online Videos – videos sell, smart marketers use them


B2B Lead Generation is a business process. Like any other business process you need a permanent solution to keep your business running smoothly.


We regularly conduct Webinars that will show you how to coordinate a successful outbound marketing and appointment setting campaign.


How does your company solve the business process of B2B Lead Generation?

Visit our registration page to attend

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