The 3 Elements of a Successful b2b Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Program.

” Elements of a successful appointment setting project “

In the majority of cases, about 90% of the time, when a b2b company hires Professional Prospecting Systems, they are looking for more b2b appointments or qualified leads.


Over the past 14 years we have developed a systematic approach to setting up and running a b2b appointment setting and lead generation program that incorporates 3 Elements :


1. People: An outbound calling program to secure more b2b appointments and leads is labor intensive. PPS has focused on hiring only experienced b2b callers, it was really the first big problem we solved. We moved to the “virtual call center” model as soon as it was technically feasible. By operating in a virtual call center model, we are able to recruit callers over a large geographic area and hire only experienced callers. PPS callers average 8 years of experience. This means we are not training a rookie on how to make a cold call on our clients marketing dollar. We also have close to zero turnover with our calling staff, so we always have a deep bench of experienced callers to conduct b2b appointment setting programs.


2. Systems/Software: Many companies realize they need a CRM or SFA automation system. They may even buy one. The problem is that these important tools are not setup and used properly. PPS has long ago mastered the use of as a Sales and Marketing Platform to conduct successful b2b appointment setting programs. We set the contact management element to make it possible for the callers to be very efficient as they make calls and send emails to secure b2b appointments. We set up reporting to help the caller identify prospects that are more interested and we also setup reporting to make it easier for Project Supervisors and Clients to track all of the activity and results.


3. Content: PPS spends a lot of time collaborating with our clients to develop the right content for the appointment setting programs we setup. Content is very important, especially if you do not have a recognizable brand, and most companies do not. The content we utilize is of course the call script, the email templates and often a video. Since most of the people you are calling don’t know anything about you, it is important to have good content to educate them.


If you would like to see for yourself how we setup a b2b appointment setting campaign, you can attend one of our regular webinars.

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