Lead Nurturing & B2B Appointment Setting

A recent project highlighted the importance of Lead Nurturing and getting more appointments.

To provide some background, PPS started incorporating Lead Nurturing via email into the projects we do last year We use an AppExchange Product called Lead Follow Up and as we accumulate email addresses from the calls we make, we then put the person into the Lead Nurturing campaign and the person gets an individualized email each week after that (we typically run on a 20 week cycle.)


Like any smart marketers we also track and measure everything, partly for our own knowledge base and partly to show our clients what’s happening with their program. And the stats are steadily accumulating…Lead Nurturing makes a big impact on the number of appointments we book!

In the recent project, we were working in the insurance space and booking appointments with agencies to discuss an insurance product. Using the Lead Nurturing solution and methodology, we were able to attribute an extra 41 Appointments to the Lead Nurturing! Anyone that has taken on the challenge of booking B2B Appointments knows that getting an extra 41 appointments is impressive.


Lesson: If you are doing B2B Appointment Setting and you want it to be successful, you need Lead Nurturing.


Does anyone have any interesting Lead Nurturing stories to share? We would love to hear from you.


What Lead Nurturing products do you use?


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