Joe Prospect Reveals How to Make a GOOD Cold Call

The Right Way to Cold Call Your Prospects!

So why do you keep calling me and why do I keep cold calling my prospects? Telemarketing isn’t going to go away because it is still shown to be one of the most effective marketing methods for most businesses.

Even though most telemarketing is done very badly, selling is mostly about timing

Cold Calls Done Right

Cold Calling Gets the Appointment When Done Correctly

and no matter how much I hate getting telemarketing calls I still do respond to a few of them because the timing happens to be right. I am looking into that product or service at the time I receive the call or the call reminds me that I was planning on looking into that service.

Also, I do occasionally receive a really good telemarketing call that gets me interested in
a product or service I hadn’t thought about. This is very rare but it does happen.

So what does that tell us about telemarketing and how to do it successfully.

First of all, pay attention to who you are calling and when
you are calling them. Almost all aspects of business
work on some kind of cycle or schedule. If you ask the
right questions us prospects will give you all kinds of
valuable information that will tell you when the right time
to call us is. And who in our company is the right person to be
calling about your particular product or service.

My insurance policies renew in a certain month and I am
more likely to want a quote around that time. My copier
contract runs is due to run out in 6 months and that is
when I will be interested in copiers. If I am planning to
move my business I will be interested in all kinds of
things like phone equipment and computer upgrades
and a moving company or office furnishings when I
make the move.

This may seem obvious but very few companies market
this way. I am absolutely amazed that every insurance
broker in my city hasn’t called my company to find out
when my insurance is renewing and every copier company
hasn’t called to find out when my copier contract is up.
The majority of cold calls I get are from people who have
no idea what my timing is and don’t ask. They just plow
ahead and try to get the appointment.

All you have to do is ask. If you don’t reach me directly
on the phone, ask my receptionist who the right decision
maker is and what the best timing is. If they don’t know,
my assistant or someone else will probably know. Then
record that information and call me at the right time.

Now let’s talk about the most critical element to successful
telemarketing. Respect.

I won’t hate you when you cold call me if you treat me with

Let’s listen to a call I received recently from a good
telemarketer who got my interest because they handled
the call intelligently and with respect.

Good Telemarketing Call:

Telemarketer….Let’s have a look at my notes on this
company. I called them in June and spoke to the Controller
and she told me that the budget was frozen until the next
quarter and that the President was taking the
lead in that area.

Hello Mr. Prospect. I’m calling from XYZ
Company. We are a premiere supplier of ……
We spoke with your controller Mary Worth back in June
and she indicated that you take the lead in that area
for your company. Is that correct?

Oh good old Mary, she must have been trying to get
this guy off the phone because there is no way that I am
taking the lead on that. I have way too much on my plate right now.

Actually I don’t think we are doing anything in that
area right now but thanks for calling.

That’s no problem. I am hearing that
from a lot of companies right now. They have to put
off purchases because off the economy.

Would you mind if I just ask you a couple of quick
questions to clarify how your company deals with
that area. Once I ask you those questions you
will be able to determine whether you would have an
interest in looking into our solution.

Wow, this is nice, I get to decide if I am interested
in their solution. That’s refreshing.

Sure go ahead as long as it is just a couple of
questions. I am a little pressed for time.

Does your current ………..
supplier provide you with custom labelling which
of course reduces your overall cost of delivery?

No they don’t actually. How does that work?

With any order over 1000 pieces,
we will put your label on every package.
This way you build your own brand and have a
great opportunity to cross sell your other products.

I have one more quick question.When do you think
your current supply of …………. will run out?

Probably around the end of November.

Would you be interested in seeing
some of our samples and pricing.
We have a rep in your area next week. How about
Tuesday or Thursday. Is early morning better for
you or later in the afternoon?

the old assume the appointment technique.
I guess it sounds like it is worth a look though.
I will pass it back over to Mary.

I think we would be interested having a look but
can you call my controller Mary Worth and set something
up with her. Let her know you spoke with me.

Notice what was different about this call.

1. The caller did his homework and got preliminary
information and recorded that information for a later
call to my company.

2. The caller got me to relax and put me in a position
of control on the call by telling me that I would get to
decide if I was interested.

3. The caller used a question to get across his
company’s value proposition. That question got
my interest and I asked a question.

Here is why that call worked.

The company calling me had gathered some information
and recorded it for a future call. The call moved from
a telemarketing call to a conversation because the
telemarketer put me in a position of control on the
call and asked me a good question which sparked
my interest.

I don’t hate all telemarketing, just bad telemarketing.
I have a grudging respect for good telemarketers.

Joe Prospect


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