Joe Prospect Reveals How to Make a Bad Cold Call

The Wrong Way to Cold Call Your Prospects!

Let me start out by asking you a question. How do you feel about receiving  telemarketing calls?

If you are like me, you dread these calls and try to avoid picking up the phone if you know it is an unsolicited telemarketing call.

Why do we both feel the same way about telemarketing calls and I am sure all of your prospects feel the same way you and I do.

Let’s examine how a typical telemarketing call goes.

How to Make a Bad Cold Call

"Oh no! Another cold call to endure."

Bad Telemarketing Call:


Oh no I am going to call this guy and he is going to shut me down just like the last 20 people I spoke to. Maybe if I try a different approach. This script is useless. I think I will use a different intro. I hate this job!


Hello Mr. Prospect, this is Linda from XYZ company. How are you today?


Oh no another telemarketing call, she is going to pitch me something and I won’t be able to get her off the phone even if I say I am not interested. Should I be rude and just end the call or think of a good excuse why I can’t buy her product. Who the heck is XYZ company. I can’t tell what they sell by the name so I guess I better find out what she is selling. I hate telemarketers.


Not too bad.


Mr. Prospect XYZ Company is the leader in blab it tee blah and we would like to schedule a 30 minute meeting with you to discuss your blab it tee blah needs and show you our unique blab it tee blah process that will save you money and time. Our representative will be in your area Tuesday at 10 and Wednesday at 2. Which is better for you?


I do use blab it tee blah, but I sure as heck don’t want an appointment with a sales rep I have never met and I don’t know anything about. If there is anything worse than trying to get a pushy telemarketer off the phone, it is trying to get a pushy salesperson out of my office.


Our blab it tee blah needs are all taken care of Linda. But thanks for your call.


there it is, right at the top of the rebuttal section—”happy with current vendor.”


Mr. Prospect, we understand your loyalty to your current vendor but don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your company to make sure you have the best blab it tee blah service at the best price? Why don’t I go ahead and schedule the appointment for you. Would Tuesday at 10 or Wednesday at 2 be better for you?


Why didn’t I just tell her we were going into receivership or we had decided to shut down our blab it tee blah department. She is going to come up with an answer for every objection I give her. This is going to go on forever. I hate telemarketers!


I am too busy right now Linda. I have too many things on my plate.


oh you idiot why did you say that, That is the easiest objection in the world. She will just offer to move the appointment to a time that is more convenient for me.


That’s no problem Mr. Prospect, I understand. I will tell you what I can do. I will just schedule the appointment down the road a bit when you have some time. Would Wednesday or Thursday of next week be better for you?


I hate to do this but I am going to have to pull a talk fast and hang up before she has a chance to rebut. Otherwise I will never get off this call.


I am sorry Linda I am really not interested at this time and I have another call coming in so I have to let you go. Click.


Thanks a lot buddy, I really need to be treated like a piece of doggy doo. I hate prospects!


Oh I wish I could have done that a little more politely. She probably feels like a piece of doggy doo. I hate companies that use cold calling. It puts me in the position of being a real you know what and the people who have to do the calling probably hate doing it to.


Now if that sounds familiar, it should because that is the way most telemarketing calls go. They are an extremely unpleasant experience for both the caller and the prospect.

In the next installment I will show you an example of a GOOD telemarketing call

Joe Prospect


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