How To Find An Imaginary Friend Who Will Help You Get More Clients

Your Imaginary Friend...Joe Prospect

"Do you think about me when you do your marketing?"

Like most business owners or managers, you are busy running your business and your business probably tends to absorb most of your thoughts. If you are honest with yourself, your business is all you ever think about. You want to grow your business, but most of the time you are fighting the day to day battle of just keeping the ship floating.

You are Stuck Inside a Black Hole

When you think about how to market your company,you are coming at the problem from deep down in your own little black hole–the narrow world within the confines of your company. If you rely on other people in your company to help you with your marketing, they are stuck inside the same black hole with you.

That is why most marketing tends to look like it was created by people who are stuck inside their own world. All they do is spout a bunch of stuff about their company that sounds like the same stuff that every other business like theirs is spouting.

You Need A Special Friend

Let’s face it, your marketing is trapped inside that black hole. If you are going to get out of there, you need a friend. But you don’t need just any friend. You need a special friend who cares about the same things you do. All the things that you want your business to be, they must want right along with you.

So who would that be? What kind of person would be crazy enough to come inside the black hole to spend time with you and help you with your marketing?

 Who is Going to Be Your Friend?

Well no one probably. So you are going to have to invent a friend. What qualities would you look for if you get to invent any friend you want? You don’t want them to just be someone who is going to agree with everything you think. That hasn’t worked very well to this point. You need someone with a completely different perspective than you. And since they are imaginary, why not make them part of the in crowd that you have been trying to get into for your whole business life.

Who is the crowd that you want to please? How about your prospects? What if you could get your ideal prospect to be your friend, the one who buys more of your product or service than anyone else? And you can imagine that they are the leader of the prospect crowd—the one that all the other prospects look up to!

Transitioning from a being a stressed out business owner or manager stuck in your black hole, to having an imaginary friend, is not that big a leap.

You Can Have Whoever You Want as Your Friend

So from now on, imagine that you have a prospect named Joe or Jane or whatever you want to call them, who lives inside your company. They sit in on every marketing meeting to give you the outside perspective. When you get lost inside your own little world, they are there to pull you back into reality. Everyone gets to give their opinion and then you look at your prospect friend and say. What do you think? And when you are sitting alone in your office or driving and thinking about how to grow your business, they are right there with you staring at you. Not in a threatening way—they are just giving you that patient, warm look of someone who cares about you but knows you inside and out. That way you won’t get off completely on the wrong track the way you have a tendency to do.


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