Giving up on your prospecting pipeline & losing sales

” Don’t give up on your sales pipeline “

Failing to Consistently Communicate With Your Prospects is The Most Costly Marketing Mistake


Most traditional marketing methods are not very effective. Let’s take traditional telemarketing as an example. You call your prospect list. You are lucky if you reach even 15% of the decision makers and you book an appointment with a small percentage of that group. And there you are on one side of that gaping marketing chasm with your little group of prospects. On the other side of the chasm are the majority of your prospects that you have not even started to communicate with. If you don’t communicate with them, they are going to remain on the other side of that chasm forever and you will never do any business with them.


Are you Giving Up On Your Prospects Too Soon?


One of the biggest mistakes we make in our marketing, in fact probably The biggest mistake, is to abandon our prospects too early in the marketing process. We get frustrated and give up on them. Then we move on to another group of prospects until we get frustrated with them. Meanwhile the group of prospects we abandoned is left hanging just when we were getting them warmed up to us.


Continue To Reach Out to Your Prospects on A Consistent Basis and They Will Cross Over the Bridge

E-Telemarketing is a dramatically different approach to marketing because it combines lead nurturing emails with telemarketing to build on successive contacts with your prospects. It is not a one call and out strategy which just does not work any more.


You communicate your message to your prospects consistently by email and then when you have identified which prospects have warmed up to you based on the number of times they have opened your emails, you call them. It stands to reason that you will have a lot more success calling prospects who have put up their hand and indicated their interest.


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