Getting your prospects to trust you tip #2: Who you know

” Who do you know that is going to ease my fear about buying from you? “

From the Desk of Joe Prospect


Trust in sales is critical and it is made up of several things. Previously I mentioned “consistency” as being one of the key components you need in your marketing to get your prospects to trust you.   You have to be in front of your prospects on a regular basis so they come to trust that you are a stable long-term company.  And your marketing message has to be consistent so you don’t confuse your prospects about what you stand for.


Here is another key piece of the trust formula:


There is a trust spillover effect. The closer your relationship with someone or some organization that I trust, the more likely I am to trust you. Do you have a connection to a group or  association that I am part of or trust?


  • Do you work for other companies in the same business as I am in?
  • Have you won any awards or given any talks to your industry peers?
  • Do you have testimonials from satisfied clients?   Better yet, do you have testimonials from any prominent companies?


Don’t have any of the above?


Then you better get some!



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