Getting your prospects to trust you: #4 Your guarantee

” Do you have a simple believable guarantee for me “

From the Desk of Joe Prospect


“The world is full of fancy claims and puffed up promises. Are you willing to stand behind yours?”


If you are able to give me a solid guarantee that you are prepared to stand behind—do it. Give me the strongest possible guarantee you can. If I don’t see


some kind of guarantee in your offer, I am going to wonder why you aren’t willing to guarantee your product or service.


Remember, I am a big scaredy cat. I am afraid of making a  mistake every time I make a buying decision so if you can help me out by assuming some or all of the risk, that will go a long way towards getting me to trust you and wanting to buy from you.


The best guarantee to offer me is of course, a full no questions asked money back guarantee if I am not completely satisfied. But, if your product does not lend itself to being shipped back once purchased or your service is delivered by your employees and not with your own time, then understandably you won’t be able to give me a full money back guarantee or you might lose your shirt in the process.


Make sure your guarantee is not too complicated.  All of us prospects have had plenty of experience with guarantees that come with complicated conditions.


And we are smart enough to know that a guarantee is only as good  as the person standing behind it. Just because you offer a nice sounding guarantee doesn’t automatically make me believe you will honor it.


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