Appointment Setting Secret #1: Sell me the sizzle

” You are going to have to do a lot better than that if you want an appointment with me. “

From the desk of Joe Prospect

I get hundreds of calls every year from salespeople trying to book an appointment with me.  You have probably been one of them.


It may surprise you to learn this, but some salespeople do actually succeed in booking an appointment with me.


Appointment Setting Secret #1:  Sell me the sizzle not the steak!

Tell me what you are going to do for me in terms of the end result but don’t tell me exactly how you are going to do it.  If I ask you questions about how you are going to do it, don’t answer them, just give me more sizzle. I do not want to waste my time so the reason I ask you questions is so I can avoid the need for the appointment. I am trying to assure myself that I don’t actually need your product or I already have it or something similar.  One of the greatest delusions of salespeople trying  to book an appointment with me is thinking that the more questions they answer or the more they tell me about their product, the more interested I will become.  The more questions you answer the more I am able to satisfy myself that I don’t need the appointment. By teasing me with a great result and not telling me exactly how you are going to achieve that result, you are forcing me to either accept the appointment or live with the nagging doubt that maybe I should have. More of my appointment setting secrets will be be revealed in the coming weeks.

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