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You may have heard the axiom that “content is king.” If you have, you most likely heard it in the context of building an audience for a web site or to get attendees for an event. Most business people would not think about the importance of content in the context of getting on the phone to generate appointments and sales leads.


Content is important for outbound marketing activities and if you plan to invest in outbound marketing, you better have some good content.


Kinds of content you should have:

  • Call scripts/voice mail script – If you invest in cold calling or b2b telemarketing you need to make sure that the people making the calls have the right things to say once they get the person on the phone or if they get a voice mail box.
  • Email/Text – You should have a series of well crafted emails that frame your value proposition and have a series of calls to action (a call to action giving the prospect an immediate way to respond “Click here to register for our webinar, demo, etc.)
  • Online Presentation / Video – We use these for our own lead generation and we make these for our clients. Online Presentations are a great way to get your story, your value proposition into the minds of your prospect audience.


When skillfully combined these content elements will generate more and better appointments. I can give you an example of what I mean. In 2009 PPS was hired along with 2 other top B2B telemarketing or b2b calling specialist firms to compete for a longer term contract for a B2B Financial Consultancy.


We won the longer term contract. We did not win because our callers were significantly more skilled than the other firms; we won because we used content more skillfully.


Check out these examples of Online Presentations:

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