B2B Appointment Setting – Outsourcing the job

More and more B2B companies are outsourcing the job of setting appointments. Instead of having their sales reps make cold calls and fill their own schedule, they outsource to a B2B Appointment Setting specialist firm.


  • The business logic – If top sales talent spends less time prospecting, and more time in front of qualified sales opportunities, then you will improve sales results. Also, in many industries, software for example, the sales talent is expensive and therefore you can get a better return on that investment in sales talent by having someone else make cold calls and find interested or receptive prospects.


  • Why it works -Part of the reason that outsourcing appointment setting works, is that to some extent, getting more appointments just means consistently staying in front of your audience. These calls made to generate more appointments do that, and also make your audience more likely to take you seriously. A busy sales person can be inconsistent about keeping up with this work. Giving them (sales) a helping hand makes sense.


  • The Quality Issue -The big issue with outsourcing appointment setting is quality. Many times the company given the job of setting appointments takes what I call the “mechanical numbers game” mentality to the extreme. Just hammer out calls and power close on an appointment when someone answers the phone.  That does not work. We know, we hear the horror stories of wasted dollars, and wasted time. Quality B2B appointments are achieved by a consistent approach (yes volume and numbers) but also incorporating a way to keep the story about the product or service in the minds of your target audience. This way they know more about you, take you more seriously, and when the time is right, they take a meeting because they really are ready to meet.


  • Optimizing Results
    • Quality callers, for B2B Appointment Setting, quality of the callers is critical.
    • Content. Yes, content is very important for tele-prospecting & B2B Appointment Setting.
    • Systems/Best Practices – Lead Nurturing & a smart email marketing program can dramatically improve the results of B2B Appointment setting programs.


What are your B2B Appointment Setting Challenges?


How are you measuring success with your Appointment Setting process?


We would like to hear from you.

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