Are You Trying to Sell with Dull Emotionless Marketing? (a Joe Prospect Article)

” Is your marketing boring? “

Joe Prospect is a composite of how a typical prospect looks at the world and how they react to our marketing efforts.  Even though every prospect is unique in some ways—all of our prospects regardless of what business we are in, share many common characteristics. Dear Joe is an advice column written by your prospect to help you better understand them.


Prospects Do Buy on Emotion and what that means to your marketing strategy

Dear Joe


Is it true that prospects buy on


Yes prospects do buy on emotion. You have probably heard that we prospects decide what we want to buy based on emotion, then we look for supporting evidence to justify our buying decision. That is completely true. Who would want to buy something they don’t feel strongly about?


The emotional Joe decides what we are going to buy and the rational Joe takes over and says hang on here just a darn minute–are we getting ahead of ourself here. Does this make sense?


What does that mean for your marketing?  Well the obvious answer is that you have to find a way to put emotion into your marketing and your value proposition must appeal to your prospect’s base emotions. You have to make them laugh, or feel good about themselves, or remind them of something they are afraid of, or sometimes all of the above. Your marketing has to jab your prospect in the heart, get right into their head and shake them up.


Then you calmly and clearly explain why it is a good decision to buy your product or service.


Sounds simple enough but obviously not that simple.


Read your marketing message and ask yourself—Is that message going to make my prospect really feel something?


Your friend
Joe Prospect


Are you pushing emotional buttons with your marketing? It really goes back to traditional direct marketing…no one is going to be moved to respond if you don’t push an emotional button like fear or curiosity.


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