Are You Abandoning Your Prospects?

Every time you touch your prospects by calling them, emailing or mailing them something, you are scoring points with them. Just because they have

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You didn't stay in touch with your prospects

not jumped up and thrown their arms around you yet, does not mean that your message has not penetrated their consciousness to some degree. Each contact scores a certain number of points with your prospects and moves them closer to the point where one day they will be ready to do business with you.

Our biggest marketing mistake

One of the biggest mistakes we make in our marketing, in fact probably the biggest mistake, is to abandon our prospects too early in this process. We get frustrated and give up on them. Then we move on to another group of prospects until we get frustrated with them. Meanwhile the group of prospects we abandoned is left hanging just when we were getting them warmed up to us.

By jumping from one group of prospects (or one zip code or city or county) to another, we lose the cumulative effect of all the points we have worked so hard and spent so many marketing dollars to build up with our prospects. It is equivalent to earning 100,000 travel points on one card and then before you get to cash in your points, jumping over to another card and starting all over again from zero.

Stick with one group of prospects until they buy or die

What does this mean for our marketing strategy? We need to stick to the same group of prospects. Once we have identified a good group of prospects that has all the right characteristics to do business with us, then we need to continue to communicate with them until they die or buy.

Call your prospects when they put up their hand

E-Telemarketing is a dramatically different approach to telemarketing because it combines email with telemarketing to build on successive contacts with your prospects. It is not a one call and out strategy which just does not work anymore. You first communicate your message to your prospects by email and then when you have identified which prospects have warmed up to you based on the number of times they have opened your emails, you call them. It stands to reason that you will have a lot more success calling prospects that have put up their hand and indicated their interest.

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