4 Reasons Your Sales are Stalled

1. You are not updating and growing your prospect list

Your database of prospects represents the present and future value of your business.  If you are not consistently updating your prospect database you are losing sales.  Every wrong contact name, bad email address and company that you do not know is out of business, is costing you sales.   You are wasting time marketing to the wrong companies and the wrong people.  And if you are not consistently adding new prospects to your marketing database, your sales will automatically shrink.


2. You are not marketing to your prospects consistently

Think of your prospects as being at some point on the scale of readiness to buy your product or service.  Consistent marketing is important for two reasons.  First, marketing moves your prospects up the scale of buying readiness by educating them about your product and your company.  Second and most critical, is the fact that you will not be in front of your prospects when the timing is right for them if you are not marketing to them consistently.


3. Your marketing is boring

That statement is pretty much self explanatory.  Ask yourself honestly. Would you get excited about your marketing if it wasn’t your company?  Is it interesting, arresting, informative, astonishing, impactful, or creative?  If you can’t answer yes to at least one of those, then you know exactly why your marketing is not working very well.


4. You don’t have a lead scoring system

The biggest reason that sales people don’t want to cold call is because they are calling prospects that are not ready to buy, or at least not ready to listen.  If you have a system for scoring where your prospects sit on the buying readiness and interest level scale, then your salespeople will actually enjoy making cold calls.  Because they won’t be cold calls they will be warm calls.   If you have a system that tracks when your prospects are opening your emails and how many times they o pen them, that allows you to identify the ones that are ready to talk to you.

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