3 Reasons Why Lead Nurturing is so Important to B2B Prospecting

” Lead Nurturing is Proven to Work “

If you are not familiar with “Lead Nurturing” it is the business process of setting up a system to maintain contact with potential customers with information offers to educate prospects about your product or service. This is a very basic definition.


In a sense, Lead Nurturing is not new. If you were a sales rep in decades past, you may  have had a sales manager that insisted that you setup a “tickler file” and stay in contact with your sales prospects over time.


Today’s “Lead Nurturing” programs are essentially the same thing, except the “tickler file” is a marketing database and companies no longer rely on sales reps to maintain contact with prospects; a Lead Nurturing application is likely being used and these systems can also track the prospects level of interest by monitoring email open rates, click-thrus, and registrations.


So why is Lead Nurturing so important? Here are three good reasons:


1. Timing: You have little or no control over your prospects buying cycle and interest level. Maintaining a Lead Nurturing program simply addresses the timing issue by making sure you are consistently in contact and will more likely to be remember you when they are ready to buy.


2. Trust: By providing more information and educational content over time and being consistent, your prospects audience will begin to take you more seriously and that is the beginning of trust and will enable a dialogue to begin when the time is right.


3. Proven to be Effective: Lead Nurturing is not new and it’s very measurable, the data is in, and Lead Nurturing is proven to work. We’ve done marketing programs with and without lead nurturing and there is no question that programs that have lead nurturing are more likely to succeed.


While telemarketing and cold calling continue to be the foundation of the service we provide to our clients, we are now reluctant to even do a campaign that does not include Lead Nurturing.


Are you doing a Lead Nurturing? Is your Marketing Database sitting there doing nothing?


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