Giving up on your prospecting pipeline & losing sales

Failing to Consistently Communicate With Your Prospects is The Most Costly Marketing Mistake Most traditional marketing methods are not very effective. Let’s take traditional telemarketing as an example. You call your prospect list. You are lucky if you reach even 15% of the decision makers and you book an appointment with a small percentage of that group. And there you are on one side of that gaping marketing chasm with your little group of prospects. On the other side of…

Getting your prospects to trust you: #4 Your guarantee

From the Desk of Joe Prospect “The world is full of fancy claims and puffed up promises. Are you willing to stand behind yours?”If you are able to give me a solid guarantee that you are prepared to stand behind—do it. Give me the strongest possible guarantee you can. If I don’t seesome kind of guarantee in your offer, I am going to wonder why you aren’t willing to guarantee your product or service.Remember, I am a big scaredy cat….